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We work thoroughly and precisely — on our own products too.
Here, you can find systems developed in-house by us such as the Flexi-clear water decanter.
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Flexi-clear water decanter

The clear water discharge system for SBR wastewater treatment plants for process-compliant discharge of the biologically treated wastewater. Minimal maintenance, high operational reliability and low energy consumption.
SBR plants- wherever wastewater treatment plants are in use!

1. Filling and aeration phase

The decanter is in parking position. The inlet opening is above the maximum water level. This makes it impossible for floating sludge or wastewater to enter.

2. Start of the decanting process

The decanter is drained by starting the winch. A flexible flap prevents floating sludge from entering when the decanter is submerged. The inlet box floats in the water. The large inlet opening is located approx. 30 cm below the water level.

3. Decanting phase

The decanter floats on the water and moves continuously downward with the sinking water level. Due to the wide inlet opening, the clear water is drawn off completely free of turbulence.

4. End of the decanting process

The water level (WL) has reached its lower position. Due to the vortex-free discharge, a distance of the minimum WL to the sludge level of approx. 50 cm is sufficient. By starting the winch, the decanter is lifted back into its parking position.

Please read our information sheet for more information about our decanter